Environmental Policy

MISSIRIAN S.A. has implemented a substantial Management System according to models ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 which cover all the company’s activities that influence the quality of its products, focuses environmental sides and considers risks for the occupational health and safety. These activities concern the control of production, purchases, storage, transformation process and sales of transformed tobaccos. Fundamental aim of the Management System constitutes the achievement of a uniform and homogeneous product, with characteristics in full accordance to the requirements of customers and produced in a way that would respect the environment and the people involved in the whole processes. The administration of the company is committed completely to guarantee all necessary resources for the unhindered and effective operation of the Management System in order to achieve its objective aims:

  • Total compliance of national laws and Community regulations giving accent in the program of social responsibility that it has undertaken and covers all the spectrum of production, marketing and disposal of product.
  • Establishment and permanent promotion of the program “Equitable Agricultural Practices” to the Greek tobacco producers aiming to an equitable, sure and perpetual tobacco production.
  • Full satisfaction of customers so that is ensured their long term collaboration with the company.
  • Continuous follow-up of the processes in order to achieve the required qualitative level of products, the effective environmental management and the guarantee of occupational health safety and work accidents, through their application.
  • Protection of the environment through the establishment of control programs for the reduction of any environmental repercussions and the rational management of natural resources.
  • Protection and promotion of occupational health and safety providing a secure, creative and pleasant occupational environment for the personnel.
  • Facilitate the consultation and participation of employees in decision making regarding the Occupational Health & Safety Management System.
  • Continuous education of our people in modern working methods, for the adoption of new technologies in all the spectrum activities of the company and their integration into the management system.
  • Permanent improvement in all the sectors of this System and its follow-up.

Managing Director

Nikolaos Tzoumas