large product photoOverview of the factory in Kavala, Greece

45 permanent employees and over 600 seasonal workers are employed at the factory located at Zygos near Kavala in Greece.

The factory occupies a total area of 12 acres, while tbe total storage area is 25 acres with a storage capacity of 15.000 tons.

3 feeding lines equipped with a DCC with a capacity of 6 tons/hr and a Soft Dryer with a capacity of 8 tons/hr, can pack either in cases or in traditional bales up to 10 tons/hr.

NTRM separators contribute to a cleaner final product.

The factory in Bulgaria is located in Stambolovo near Haskovo city.

85 permanent employees and over 300 seasonal workers are employes at this facility.

3 feeding lines that can work independently or together, can pack up to 50 tons/day in traditional hessian bales.

large product photo
Main entrance of the factory in Stambolovo, Bulgaria